Destiny's Prevale, A Wild Cats Roleplay

Fulfill your destiny in a dynamic WIld cat roleplay~!

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    Important Information

    Post by Mist on Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:43 pm

    User Rules

    Users are limited to only having 6 cats In all.  To prevent Incest and it gives the ability to have at least One character per Pack.

    Users must have at least one character approved to be able to roleplay.  And, they can only roleplay the approved characters.

    Users can’t ‘claim’ A spot.   If there is someone playing leader or deputy, and you haven’t been chosen to succeed them, you can’t claim the spot. Because it isn’t yours, even if no one has the rank. (This rule is inactive for Juveniles, Learners, and Wise Cats.)

    Only the Leader can do ceremonies in each pack.  To validate if it is time.

    Character Rules

    Your character can’t be roleplayed by another User
    .   Don’t do it, the character is yours, not theirs. Even if you agree with it.

    Character’s Can’t be Godmodding, Mary-Sues, Or metagamers.
    Go to the link above for more information on these descriptions of characters.

    Characters can only become a learner if the leader agrees.  If the character got in trouble as a Juvenile, they will have to wait to get a learner’s ceremony. But if they were the average Juvenile the leader will most likely agree, depending on the circumstances.

    Characters can only become mates with another character if the user of the other character agrees (and you ask staff). If both of you role playing characters decide to be mates, than that is okay.  You must ask staff first, to validate.

    Please have at least a basic knowledge of roleplaying.
    All styles are accepted, as long as you keep it pg-13.

    Characters can't kill someone else's character unless they wish so.

    Clans Rules

    There are only 5 packs.  Light pack, Dark pack, Forest pack, Ocean pack, and Air pack.

    Prophecy/Omen tellers are the Herb collectors, and the leaders.
    No other cats can have dreams leading to omens or anything like this.

    Clans are lead by a leader and the current Successor can only become leader if the former leader dies. .

    Packs  can’t eliminate other packs. Nor can lone characters.

    YOU CAN NOT MAKE UP A PACK. Only The owner of the site can, and even if, there will be a poll to see if they want to add it. DON’T REQUEST TO MAKE ANOTHER PACK.

    Any braking of the rules above will vary in punishments from A warning to a ban.

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